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How To Become a Member

How to Affiliate with the Kentucky Youth Soccer

To apply for membership with Kentucky Youth Soccer, please follow these steps below:
  • Submit a letter requesting membership (a minimum of 4 teams is required) with the president's contact information.
  • Submit a copy of your association's by-laws and playing rules. If your organization does not have any, Kentucky Youth Soccer State Rules will take affect.
  • Enclose the $20.00 Kentucky Youth Soccer affiliation fee and the Affiliation Form.
These items should be submitted to the Kentucky Youth Soccer Executive Director.:
Kentucky Youth Soccer
Attn: Executive Director
158 Constitution St.
Lexington, KY 40507
Contingent upon approval by the Kentucky Youth Soccer Board of Directors, your league, club or association will be accepted as a provisional member of Kentucky Youth Soccer and maintain all the rights and responsibilities of full members expect the right to cast votes at the Annual General Meeting. Once your association is approved by the Board of Directors, a password will be given to the League One Registration program. During this period, the Rules Committee will review the documents submitted to ensure they comply with the rules and procedures of Kentucky Youth Soccer and contact your organization to assist with correction of any discrepancies. Final acceptance and extension of voting privileges will occur at the next Annual General Meeting. All full and provisional members of Kentucky Youth Soccer are responsible for remittance of the annual affiliation fee.
For more information on how to affiliate, contact Lisa Duvall.
158 Constitution Street
Lexington, KY, 40507
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