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Coaching Education



2018 US Soccer Coaching License pathway (1)

U.S. Soccer, in collaboration with Kentucky Youth Soccer and other member organizations, will begin conducting four new in-person Grassroots License Courses as well as the updated D License Course in the coming weeks/months. Each of these educational opportunities are hosted by U.S. Soccer member organizations and are tailored around the four new Grassroots game models: 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11. These course options will offer coaches the chance to learn more about how to develop a player-centered approach to coaching.

Spanning 4-hours in length, each in-person Grassroots Course consists of both classroom and field-based sessions. Coaches will learn more about U.S. Soccer's Coaching Education philosophy, Play-Practice-Play Methodology, and the Six Tasks of a Grassroots Coach among other topics. The newly revamped D License is a culmination of all four game models and an extension of the Grassroots courses. After completion of the Grassroots Courses, coaches will have the knowledge and tools to positively impact their player and the environment in which they interact.

Interested coaches may begin with any in-person grassroots course of their choosing following the completion of the free Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module, which is offered in U.S. Soccer's Digital Coaching Center

Together with U.S. Soccer, Kentucky Youth Soccer is committed to improving the experience and level of youth players through empowering coaches with low-barrier, easily accessible education.


Grassroots Course Descriptions

The 4v4, 7v7, 9v9 & 11v11 In-Person Course Grassroots Courses are a four-hour course that builds on the principles covered in U.S. Soccer’s Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module. Specifically, candidates will learn more about U.S. Soccer’s Grassroots Coaching Education Philosophy, Play-Practice-Play Methodology, the Six Tasks of a Coach, and the characteristics of players appropriately aged for the specific course. The course will also ask each candidate to reflect on their experiences to develop action steps for personal growth.

Eligibility Requirements: In order to register for any of In-Person Course, candidates must have completed U.S. Soccer’s Introduction to Grassroots Coaching module. 

Information regarding the online Grassroots Courses will be available at a later date.

National D License Course Description

Course Details: The National D license is a 40 to 45-hour course, held over two weekends, at minimum 4 weeks apart, designed for the grassroots coach who meets the prerequisites outlined below. The focus of this course is to facilitate the improvement of the candidates in the Six Tasks of a Coach across all four game models (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11) with a particular emphasis on Coaching Training Sessions. Candidates that register for this course are expected to attend both meetings.

Click here for the D License schedule.

Eligibility Requirements:  A unique combination of three of the eight Grassroots Licenses now formally represent the prerequisite to progress to the U.S. Soccer D License. Specifically, candidates must have completed a minimum of three grassroots courses, in the form of two in-person courses and one online course:

  • Two in-person courses (one of which must be the 11v11)
  • One online course across any of the four levels (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11)
  • Coaching candidates who have earned the E or F License will have the following opportunities to use those certifications toward the D License prerequisites:
    • U.S. Soccer E License + Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module
    • U.S. Soccer F License + Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module + 11v11 in-person license + one other in-person license

Development Period:  The Development Period is the time in between course meeting one and two. It is vital that candidates have access to a team during this period so that they can practically apply what they learned during the first course meeting and complete their assignments.

Course Fees

Course  Kentucky Youth Soccer Course Fee
Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Free 20 minute Online Course
Grassroots Online Course $25 per candidate (available later this year)
4v4 In Person Grassroots License $45 per candidate
7v7, 9v9, 11v11 In Person License $65 per candidate
D License  $300 Per Candidate


A U.S. Soccer surcharge will be added to the price package upon registration in the Digital coaching center for all courses aside from the free Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Course.

Course Cancellation Policy

Candidate Cancellation: No refunds will be issued to any candidate that cancels within 10 days of the course start date unless medical or family emergency documentation is provided. It is preferred that the candidate attempt to transfer their registration to a future course hosted by Kentucky Youth Soccer Association.

Candidate No Show: No refunds will be issued If the candidate does not show up for a course, or fails to notify Kentucky Youth Soccer at least 10 days prior to the course start date.

Partial Attendance: No refunds will be issued if a candidate registers for a course but only attends a portion of the course. If a candidate attends the majority of the course, but has to  miss a small portion of the course the candidate must notify Kentucky Youth Soccer as soon as possible.  The candidate will then need to attend a future course to make up for the missed portion at no additional fee before the license can be issued.

Kentucky Youth Soccer Cancellation: Full refunds will be issued to candidates Coaching Education Course cancelled by Kentucky Youth Soccer Association.

Kentucky Youth Soccer Minimum Coaching Standards


Club Director of Coaching or Technical Director

A Club Director of Coaching/Technical Director is defined as an individual coach who is directly involved with the hiring and/or releasing of coaches for the club.  Additionally,  they  oversee the overall education of coaches, players and parents. These positions play a vital role in implementing coaching education policies on behalf of Kentucky Youth Soccer. A volunteer is defined as a  person who receives no payment or expense reimbursement for their services.

  • Full-Time Select & Recreational:  
U.S. Soccer “C” License
  • Part-Time Select & Recreational:  
U.S. Soccer “C” License
  • Volunteer Select & Recreational:  
U.S. Soccer “D” License
  • 9U Academy Directors: 
U.S. Soccer “D” License


Select/Academy Soccer Coaches

The minimum coaching standards incorporating the new US Soccer Grassroots Licenses will commence September 1, 2018 and will be effective immediately.

9U-10U Select/Academy Teams:

  • Head Coach: 
7v7 & 9v9 In Person License or U.S. Soccer “E” License
  • Assistant Coach:
7v7 & 9v9 In Person License or U.S. Soccer “E” License

10U–12U Select Teams:

  • Head Coach: 
9v9 & 11 In Person License or U.S. Soccer “E” License
  • Assistant Coach: 
9v9 & 11 In Person License or U.S. Soccer “E” License

13U–19U Select Teams:

Head Coach:       U.S. Soccer “D” License
Assistant Coach:  U.S. Soccer “D” License


Any coach with the NSCAA National Diploma or above obtained prior to 2009 will be grandfathered in under the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association minimum coaching standards. If that coach chooses to start the US Soccer Pathway, they will have to begin with the Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Course.

All new coaches will have a six-month grace period to begin the US Soccer Coaching Pathway. Coaches that don’t hold the minimum required license for the age group they are coaching must show that they are in the process of working toward earning the appropriate license.

Policing of Standards

Team Managers are not permitted on the player’s sideline unless the Head Coach has been ejected or in the case of an injury to a player.

Directors of Coaching or Technical Directors may be listed on the team roster; however, if they are not the official Head Coach for the team they must be listed as an Assistant Coach.

Teams wishing to participate in Kentucky Youth Soccer State Open Cup, Presidents Cup, Soccer Village Cup & Kentucky Premier League must have coaches listed on the roster as Head or Assistant Coach that meet the minimum coaching standard requirements.

Teams competing in these events will submit rosters online to the Kentucky Youth Soccer Office to be reviewed by Kentucky Youth Soccer’s Technical Director before they can be approved.

If a roster is not approved, the roster and player cards will not be accessible for printing until a coach with the appropriate licensure is added to the roster.


How to Host a Course

Below are Procedures for Hosting a US Soccer Grassroots course with Kentucky Youth Soccer Association.

Host Duties
Sites must have the following:

  • Classroom space must have an overhead projector/screen, a whiteboard and flipcharts. Kentucky Youth Soccer Association Instructors will bring the Lap-Top and LCD projector, however please provide power strips and extension cords.
  • 12 candidates to 1 instructor ratio
  • Appropriate Outdoor Space/Field. Each 12:1 group will need to work on half of an appropriate size field. See chart below for a guide on field space needed.






4v4 Grassroots

1 x 4v4 Field

1 x 4v4 Field

2 x 4v4 Fields

2 x 4v4 Fields

7v7 Grassroots

1 x 7v7 Field

1 x 7v7 Field

2 x 7v7 Fields

2 x 7v7 Fields

9v9 Grassroots

1 x 9v9 Field

1 x 9v9 Field

2 x 9v9 Fields

2 x 9v9 Fields

11v11 Grassroots

1 x Full Size Field

1 x Full Size Field

2 x Full Size Fields

2 x Full Size Fields

D License

1 x Full Size Field

2 x Full Size Fields

3 x Full Size Fields

4 x Full Size Fields


  • Fields have to be lined and have appropriate size goals.
  • This venue can be at a separate venue to the classroom
  • Indoor Playing Space is permitted and may be required in case of inclement weather.
  • Select a person to act as the host for the course to liaise with Kentucky Youth Soccer Technical Director & Course Instructors.
  • Clubs wishing to host a course must contact Adrian Parrish for approval at least four (4) weeks in advance of the requested starting dates.
  • Two Grassroots courses an be hosted in one day
  • Clubs hosting a D License Course will have to set a minimum of weeks and a maximum of six moths for the Development Period between weekend 1 and 2
  • Kentucky Youth Soccer Association will assign course instructors. The club Technical Directors may be used if they posses the US Instructor License and approved by Kentucky Youth Soccer.
  • All courses will be hosted in the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center.

Kentucky Youth Soccer Responsibilities:Kentucky Youth Soccer will assign Instructor(s). Promotion of the course will be done through Kentucky Youth Soccer publications, email, direct mail and through our web site. Certification will be given only to those candidates who attend the entire course and successfully complete the course requirements.

Extra Coaching Clinics:  Kentucky Youth Soccer offers specialized clinics for clubs to host. Clubs wishing to host a Recreational Coach Clinic, Parent Awareness Training or a Specialized Tactical Topic should contact Adrian Parrish for more details.

U.S. Soccer Digital Coaching Center Resources

Click here to access the DCC
Getting Started Tutorial (Video)
Taking a Course in the DCC (Help Video)


For more on U.S. Soccer Coaching Pathway and Kentucky Youth Soccer Minimum standards watch the video below:



Coaches that have questions regarding the pathway can contact adrianparrish@kysoccer.net

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