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Kentucky Youth Soccer | Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading and Viewing

Information on books and DVDs relating to parenting youth soccer players
It shows excellent "on the field" techniques for teaching U-6 and U-8 players how to kick, pass, dribble, and receive the ball, as well as how to teach basic rules and a description of the basic positions.
Sheehy shares lessons and wisdom learned from more than seventeen years of working with young athletes. He encourages parents to get involved, discusses working with children on various aspects of sportsmanship, and offers advice on appropriate ways to praise, encourage, temper, support, and teach young team players.
This guide to coaching female athletes of all ages shows how to build a team and provides invaluable advice on the differences between coaching males and females.
A "must have" book for parents whose children are playing organized soccer. Instead of just explaining the rules of the game or teaching you how to coach the game, Coach Sanderson takes you through the game in the manner that you are typically exposed to it as a parent.
Provides information on a wide array of youth sports topics from health, safety and nutrition to the psychology of parenting a young athlete.
This little book consists of twenty-six brief chapters with such titles as "Listen to Yourself in the Stands," "Keep the Focus on Learning," and "Forget About Scholarships for a While."
The determining factor in whether a child between the ages of six and seventeen enjoys athletics is his or her parents - not the sport, coach, or team.
This guide can explain it all! A comprehensive look at the sport, explaining the rules and strategies used at soccer's many levels, including youth and college games. It is carefully designed to be used as a reference tool, with a complete glossary and index.
Focusing on the five most popular sports, the authors outline ways to set up teams that foster fair play, skill development and social interaction.
Instead of just another manual teaching physical skills, this long-overdue book helps parents and coaches positively develop all kids from the inside out. With this common-sense resource, adults can instill the desirable and critical values of self-confidence, motivation, anger and pressure control, optimism, sportsmanship, self-discipline, perseverance, and joy.
"For the 2 million parents of girls who play intramural sports, the comment, 'you play like a girl,' is considered a compliment. Games Girls Play, written by sports psychologist and former figure skater Caroline Silby with ESPN reporter Shelley Smith, moves beyond the widely reported benefits of sports for young women--offering both parents and coaches a fresh, smart guide for responding to the needs of the young female athlete."
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