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US Youth Soccer Clubhouse

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The Clubhouse

The US Youth Soccer Clubhouse is a way to keep kids involved with soccer on and off the field.  US Youth Soccer and its partners provide a safe enviornment for kids to connect with exciting and exclusive sports and entertainment content.  This includes stories, videos, games, contests and more! 
The Clubhouse isn't just for kids as it offers coupons and promotional products throughout the year for parents and families.

Join the Clubhouse

By joining the Clubhouse, you can win a chance to see Justin Bieber in Puerto Rico! Discover the latest US Youth Soccer website designed for players and their families. Become a member of the Clubhouse for only $15 per year to get access to soccer and entertainment stories, games and amazing contests. This season, members get the opportunity to win a trip to see Justin Bieber in concert in Puerto Rico! Parents benefit from valuable coupons too. Learn more and sign up for the Clubhouse!


Contact the Kentucky Youth Soccer State Office to find out how you can fundraise with the Clubhouse. 
158 Constitution Street
Lexington, KY, 40507
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