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2022 Presidents Cup Brackets

13U Boys Division

Seed Team
A1 BG Elite 2009 Boys
A2 Oldham SC 2009 Boys
A3 Georgetown FC 2009 Boys Black
A4 Pumas 09
B1 Mockingbird Valley Premier White
B2 Fern Creek Optimist
B3 Kings Hammer SC Classic Lang
B4 Sawyer 09B  Valor
C1 Global FC 09
C2 Eastern Elite 09
C3 United 1996 FC
C4 MUSA 2009 Boys
D1 Kings Hammer Academy  B09 Grey
D2 Nelson Elite 09 Boys
D3 Kings Hammer Bluegrass Premier
D4 Falls City Green
E1 Lexington FC B09 Red
E2 Atletico Flames 
E3 Oldham SC Shelby
E4 Paris Springboks
F1 Central Kentucky Storm Black
F2 Louisville Soccer Alliancce East
F3 Mockingbird Valley Premier 2009 Boys Black
F4 Lexington FC B09 Blue

13U Girls Division

Seed Team
A1 Commonwealth SC 2009 Girls Gold
A2 Lexington FC U13 Girls Blue
A3 MUSA Flyers 09 Girls
A4 Atletico Flames
B1 Eastern Elite 2009 Girls
B2 Fusion FC NKY Black Storm
B3 Javanon 2009 Girls Red
B4 Kings HammerAcademy G09 Red
C1 Kings Hammer Bluegrass G09
C2 Lexington FC U13 Girls Red
C3 Vine Grove Galaxy
C4 Fusion FC Green Fierce

14U Boys Division

Seed Team
A1 MUSA Flyers 
A2 Commonwealth SC 2008 Boys Black
A3 Georgetown FC Boys Black
B1 SKY Academy
B2 Vine Grove Galaxy
B3 Nelson Elite 2008 Boys
B4 Fusion FC B08 Green Force
C1 Mockingbird Valley Premier White
C2 Owensboro United Boys
C3 Chivas
C4 Javanon 2008 Boys Red
D1 Mockingbird Valley Premier Gold
D2 Central Kentucky Storm Black
D3 Kings Hammer Academy Grey
D4 Oldham SC 2008

14U Girls Division


Seed Team
A1 Atletico Flames
A2 Mockingbird Valley Premier Gold
A3 Nelson Elite 
B1 SKY Academy Girls
B2 Mockingbird Valley Premier White
B3 Lexington FC U14 Girls Red
B4 Kings Hammer Bluegrass Premier

15U Boys Division


Seed Team
A1 Commonwealth SC Black
A2 Central Kentucky  Storm Boys White
A3 Falls City Green
B1 United 1996 FC 
B2 Georgetown FC Boys Blue
B3 Kings  Hammer Academy B07 Black
B4 Mockingbird Valley Premier White
C1 Atletico Flames
C2 Lexington FC U15 Boys Red
C3 Kings Hammer Bluegrass Premier
C4 Louisville Soccer Alliance East
D1 SKY Academy 
D2 Nelson Elite
D3 Fusion FC NKY B07 Green Arsenal
D4 Elite FC 2007 Gray
E1 KY Rush Hardin
E2 Kings Hammer Academy Grey
E3 Owensboro United 2007 Boys
E4 Falls City White

15U Girls Division

Seed Team
A1 Lexington FC U15 Girls Red
A2 Atletico Flames
A3 Georgetown FC Black
B1 Louisville City Academy Racing Black
B2 Owensboro United 2007 Girls
B3 Kings Hammer SC Premier 1
C1 Commonwealth SC Black
C2 MUSA Flyers 
C3 Lady Pumas
C4 Oldham SC 2007 Girls
D1 KY United Boyle Elite
D2 Lexington FC U15 Girls Blue
D3 Fusion FC G07 Green Phoenix
D4 Central Kentucky Storm Black

16U Boys Division

Seed Team
A1 Owenbsboro 2006 Boys 
A2 Kings Hammer SC Classic Green
A3 Falls City Green
A4 KY Rush West White
B1 Eastern Elite Academy
B2 Commonwealth SC Gold
B3 Campbellsville TC Fire
B4 United 1996
C1 Kings Hammer Bluegrass Premier 
C2 Mockingbird Valley Premier White
C3 Oldham SC Blue
C4 Kings Hammer Academy B06 Grey
D1 Lexington FC 2006 Boys Red
D2 Fusion FC NKY B06 Black Impact  
D3 Elite FC  Louisville Blue
D4 Oldham SC White
E1 Louisville Soccer Alliance 06
E2 Kings Hammer Academy B06 Blue
E3 Kings Hammer SC Central Premier 1
E4 MUSA Flyers

16U Girls Division

Seed Team
A1 MUSA Flyers
A2 Kings Hammer SC Central G06 Premier 1
A3 Fusion FC NKY Green Lightning
A4 Oldham SC 2006 Girls
B1 Lexington FC U16 Girls Blue
B2 Fusion FC  Black United
B3 SKY Academy
B 4 Kings Hammer SC G2006 Premier 1
C1 Lexington FC U16 Girls Red
C2 Commonwealth SC 2006 Girls Gold
C3 Mockingbird Valley Premier White
C4 Kings Hammer Bluegrass Premier 

17U Boys Division

Seed Team
A1 Georgetown FC Black
A2 Falls City 05 Green
A3 Central Kentucky Storm Black
A4 Atletico Flames
B1 KY Rush Hardin
B2 Oldham SC 2005 
B3 Georgetown FC 2005 Blue
B4 MUSA Flyers
C1 Derby City Rossoneri
C2 Pumas
C3 Louisville Soccer Alliance 05 East
C4 BG Elite
D1 KY Rush East
D2 Kings Hammer Central B05/06 Premier 1
D3 Kings Hammer Academy B05 Grey
D4 Commonwealth SC Gold

17U Girls Division


Seed Team
A1 Kings Hammer SC Green
A2 Kings Hammer Bluegrass Premier
A3 Derby City Rossoneri
B1 Kings Hammer SC G05 Premier 1
B2 Mockingbird Valley Premier White
B3 Owensboro United 2005
C1 Commonwealth SC Gold
C2 Vine Grove Soccer Galaxy
C3 Falls City Gold
D1 KY United 05 G White
D2 Georgetown FC Black
D3 Fusion FC NKY G05 Green Flash
D4 Kings Hammer Academy South G05 Blue

18U/19U Boys Division

Seed Team

Kings Hammer Academy Blue

A2 Atletico Flames
A3 Javanon Red
B1 Owensboro 2004 Boys
B2 Kings Hammer Academy Grey
B3 Paris Springboks
C1 United 1996 FC
C2 Kings Hammer SC Classic Butcher
C3 Elite 03/04 Blue
D1 Owensboro United Boys
D2 Commonwealth SC U19
D3 Georgetown FC Blue
D4 Mockingbird Valley Premier White

18U/19U Girls Division

Seed Team

Lexington FC Red

A2 Owensboro United 2003
A3 Kings Hammer Bluegrass Premier
B1 Atletico Flames
B2 Commonwealth SC U19
B3 Fusion NKY Storm
C1 Falls City Gold
C2 Mockingbird Valley Premier Gold
C3 Nelson Elite
C4 Lady Pumas